MFN Port Services

Quality Policy Statement

Quality at the core of MFN Port Services Operations.

MFN Port Services Limited (“MFNPS”) is committed to the provision of premium port agency services, maritime consulting, warehousing, freight forwarding, crewing and manning, total ship care, ship husbandry and protective agency, bunkering services and logistics to both local and international clients. At all times, we deliver services that exceed clients’ expectations at a profit.

We implement a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and integrates it into our processes to enable us achieve compliance with applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

We are also committed to the continual improvement of our quality management system by seeking ways and methods to improve our processes. Quality remains the responsibility of all employees and contractors.

Accordingly, we:

  • Have established appropriate quality objectives at various levels.
  • Communicate quality issues to our employees and other stakeholders as needful.
  • Expect all employees of MFNPS and external parties identified in the quality management system to comply with these policies and with the Quality management system. All staff, and certain external parties, will receive or be required to provide appropriate training.
  • Have documented this policy and updates it was appropriate.
  • Provide all the resources necessary in terms of infrastructure and ongoing staff training, to ensure that the company delivers on its quality commitments.

Top management ensures that the quality policy is communicated to all employees and other interested parties on our website.

Management reviews the quality policy which is also documented in MFNPS-502-F annually or as required at management review meeting to determine the policy’s continued suitability.

Group Chief Executive Officer
JANUARY 1, 2023