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Our Assurance

We have been involved in multimodal project cargo shipping for many years and have built an enviable reputation as a highly effective worldwide operator in all types of projects.

Knowledge, Experience & Strategic Alliances

MFN Port Services is a wholly indigenous company. Our knowledge of our local industry and working within international standards and guidelines and years’ worth of experience, together with our strategic alliances, makes us the most capable shipping and marine company to provide you with the level of quality service you deserve/require/desire.

We are able to handle the most complex operational challenges. We will implement and define our tasks to address your needs through consulting, meeting and discussions. Our extensive local research enables us to compile a detailed and nuanced understanding of your current needs and the challenges you may face. We will provide a solution to your specific needs by detailing a framework for the overall management, setting out a local solution, encompassing cost control and a quality service delivery with quality assurances.

No Two Days are the Same Here

Our local experience and understanding of the industry enable us to deliver efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner. Our team are dedicated, highly motivated, highly professional and market aware. They are our strength and their skills and knowledge are key to delivering high quality services to our customers.

This is why we can assure you of...

Protected Interest

We Have Offices Close To Terminals And Ports In The Country. This Makes Us Best Placed To Protect Our Customers’ Varied Interest And Respond To Any Ship Call.

Great Staff

We Manage Every Relationship And Transaction With The Utmost Sincerity And Fidelity On The Ethical Standards Of Delivering Effective, Efficient And Top-Notch Services.


We Protect Vessel Owners’ & Operators’ Interest Locally During A Port Call By Carrying Out Various Responsibility As May Be Assigned By Owners.


We Strive To Deliver A Unique Freight, Shipping And Marine Experience To All Clients Through Our Professionally Trained Staff.

Customer Satisfaction

We Are Dedicated To Making Sure That Our Clients Are Immensely Satisfied At The End Of Every Operation/Project, Thereby Making Us Their Choice Agent And Forging A Partnership.

Consistent Innovation

We are Consistently Developing Strategies And Innovative Ways to maximize resources and leverage on our market reach to help our customers benefit significantly on savings in terms of management time and administrative costs.

We maintain liaison and working relationship with local government authorities, Customs, Customs brokers, port authorities, pilots, terminals, and designated captain of the port.

We stay abreast of changes in tariffs or charges and also ensure that discounts for ships or cargos that are eligible to receive a reduction in port charges by reason of regular or frequent calls are applied.

Our reputation has been built over time, consistently exceeding customer expectations and demonstrating our responsiveness and reliability in all our business transactions. And lastly, we prioritize safety first in every mode of our operations. Constantly engaging our team in training and risk assessment to ensure we deliver safer, secured and more efficient shipping service solutions.

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MFN Port Services has been involved in multimodal project cargo shipping for many years and have built an enviable reputation as a highly effective worldwide operator in all types of projects.

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